Mr Ng Hong Keat

Mr Ng Hong Keat , A civil Engineer by profession , Managing Director pf Sun Inns Hotel Group, he design and develop 28 hotels ( 1500 Rooms ) in the past 23 years in the management of Sun lnns hotel group. In 2019, he was the team leader to set up SECOMS( Strategic E Commerce Services platform) . Currently, this OTA platform has assisted many hotels to improve on line reservations and reduce the OTA commission. Ir. Ng has 23 years of hotel operation experiences. He was the key manager to set up the SOP for Sun lnns group which led to the award of Franchisor license by the Ministry of Consumer ( KPNDKK ) in 2013. Ir. Ng also actively involved in MyBHA, he is the Chairman, Mybha Selangor chapter, Chairman Mybha National Technical Bureau and Chairman, Mybha National OTA Bureau.

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Mr. Lau Eng Leong

Mr. Lau Eng Leong, also known as Andy Lau, is a graduate of Coventry University, UK majoring in Business and Marketing. He founded Chariton Hotel Group of Companies in 2008 and with hotel management experience for over 14 years which has subsequently developed to 4 hotels located at Northern of Peninsular Malaysia. He is also a Board of Director of Aruskaya Sdn Bhd which is an ISO certified company specializing in metal stamping supplying automotive parts. Besides, Andy only actively participating in community development and volunteerism services has served as the 2019 JCI Malaysia National President and currently appointed as the Malaysia Budget Hotel Association National Bureau Chairman of Trade and Commerce.

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